Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Dear Friend Cathy's Son

Those of you have been following us since the Yahoo 360 days probably remember me making reference to my dear friend Cathy. I had the priviledge of having her daughter Kenny in my 5th grade class a couple of years ago, and even though I am no longer teaching, we have remained good friends. They come over for visits with Addie and me, have overwhelmed us with things for Addie (Cathy gave Addie the nesting cups that she is never without), and they have invited me to several scrapbooking events.

Cathy also adopted a son. Cathy met her soon-to-be-son during her time as a nurse. Her family adopted this little boy (who was at the hospital due to Shaken Baby Syndrome) and showed him (and everyone else who saw them) in a very tangible way what God's unconditional love was like. This past Saturday evening, Jonathan went home to be with Jesus. Although, he spent his life in a wheelchair, he is now running around heaven, using those muscles that he was never able to use here on earth. And, as my sister so beautifully put it, here on earth, this family welcomed Jonathan into their home, but when they get to heaven, Jonathan will be the one doing the welcoming. Please click on today's title to read the entire article that was written for the St. Pete Times of how Cathy and her family came to love and adopt this wonderful boy.


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