Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What She Is Up To

1) Checking out whatever anyone around her is doing. I can't tell you how many times little fingers have tried pushing the computer keys while we are doing something.

2) Looking at the little scrapbooks that Miss Cathy made just for her. They are the perfect Addie sized books filled with pictures of loved ones with Addie.

3)Doesn't she look like a big girl? I can't believe how tall she is getting.

4) Anytime Aunt Faye sits at the piano to play "our song" or any of the other songs she has written, a little person tries to make it into a duet. Aunt Faye is so good at letting Addie join in.

5)Ever reading and learning. This is one of her Bible account books. Typically, if I am on the floor, she will bring me a book, turn, and plop down into my lap...and I love it.


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