Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Great Weekend

We had such a good weekend with family. Here is a quick rundown of our activities:


  • Toddler Time at the library (so proud of our girl- she sat and listened to the songs and stories and then played with the toys so well during playtime. Brian encouraged me to let her go instead of holding on to her. She kept looking back at me to smile or squeal, and then continued checking out the toys. She even brought me a couple of things to play with while I waited.)

  • A visit to the beach. It was Addie's first time at the beach, and she got to experience it with GrandTiti and Uncle Jack who love her to pieces. She wasn't too fond of the sand at first, but she loved the water and the playground.

  • Bubbles in the front yard. My girl loves bubbles...she just doesn't understand why she can't catch one.
  • A relaxing morning around the house.

  • A trip to Largo, a bit of a drive but so worth it. The first full weekend of every month the city of Largo has a free miniature train ride at the Central Park and Cultural Center. The park itself was beautiful, with a mixture of shady and sunny spots, big open fields and a beautiful playground with different jungle gyms for every age group.

  • A stop at the mall. GrandTiti bought Addie some cute outfits and a pair of off white shoes. Uncle Jack bought Addie her first ice cream cup all for herself. She ate it all.


  • Church in the morning. I was in the nursery this week, but I was told how amazing the service was. So many were moved to tears.

  • Dinner was waiting for us when we arrived at home. I love recipes that you can do ahead of time, pop in the oven, and pull out when you get home.

  • Chilled around the house for most of the day.

  • Chinese buffet for our evening meal- Uncle Jack treated us. Addie entertained us with her little antics and expressions.


  • Farewells to Uncle jack and GrandTiti. Addie knew something was up. She kept following Uncle Jack to the door and even followed him outside. She didn't want them to leave.

  • Just hanged around the house for most of the day. We had a rough night with Addie. We weren't sure at first if she had a cold or was teething. The runny nose and congestion were just symptoms of a few molars growing in. We didn't realize that until late Monday.

  • Dinner with Dad, Faye, and my parents-in-law. Once Addie stopped crying from her teething and took her medicine, all was smooth sailing.


  • Thanking God for such a wonderful weekend and getting myself ready to tackle my list of things to accomplish. Have a great day today.


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