Monday, September 28, 2009

Most Affordable Sporting Event

Two Saturdays ago, we had the opportunity to attend a Rays game (probably our last for the season). The Rays games have been named the Most Affordable Sporting Event. Why? Because the owners realize that people want to see a great team made up of great personalities each with an amazing story without losing an arm or a leg in the process.

Affordable? How, you ask? If you have four or more people in your vehicle, then parking in any of the stadium parking lots is free. You are permitted to bring in water bottles (must be new, unopened) and snacks (unopened) for no extra charge. We have gotten seats as low as $8.oo (3rd teir, but there isn't a bad seat in the building).

If you arrive at the stadium early there is a multitude of things to do from games to play (small charge...we chose to watch other people spend their money), museum to tour (free...I tried getting Brian to stand next to the picture of Pena, but he wanted me to be in the picture instead. Yes, dear.), and sting rays to pet (free unless you want to feed them. My man is not afraid of anything!). The day we went, as a gift to the fans, each person was given a Matt Garza figurine (Brian has three figurines in his collection now). It was a great evening spent with family and each other. We are looking forward to taking Addie to few games next season, even though I think she'll miss her time with Titi Elsie. But I think she'll love it.



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