Saturday, September 12, 2009

Slow Fade

As you know from past posts, Casting Crowns is one of my favorite Christian groups of all time. Each of their songs has a powerful message in their words. Slow Fade is one of their songs that just left us completely at a loss for words after hearing it for the first time. They have taken the children's song Oh Be Careful Little Eyes What You See and built an entire grown-up song around it using the message that the children's song carries. I watched the video and did not quite understand it at first until I got to the end. The entire music video is of the lives of a family, but it is being played backwards. When you get to the end of the video you see how the father in the video has a point of decision which can lead to the events which occurred throughout the video.

Remember, we have little feet that follow behind us at all times. I am constantly reminded of that as little arms grab me around my legs to let me know that I have been followed from one room to another...and it is both a wonderful and heavy feeling. I have the ability to teach by example a small girl who literally does what Mommy does. That is why it is so important that my example is a worthy of her little eyes. Whether it be in what I do with my time, read, watch, or listen to, I have a little shadow who is learning from me even when I don't realize that I am teaching.

One last thought on this subject. Little decisions that seem harmless at the time can lead to a seering of our conscience. Our values and what we see as right and wrong have drastically changed over the last one hundred years. As we allow small changes to occur in our thoughts, actions, and consciences, we lower the standards that once used to be held so high. If our great- grandparents were dropped into our world right now, how do you think they would feel about where our world has gone? I think they would be sadly shocked by what they see today. But remember, as the song points out, it does not happen over night. It is a slow fade. Click on today's title to see the video made by Casting Crowns.


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