Thursday, September 24, 2009

Your Heritage

Psalm 16:6- "The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to make a photobook on Shutterfly. I made it based on Addie's first visit to see GrandTiti, Uncle Jack, Cousin Belinda, and my grandmother (my mother's mom).

On one of the pages I wanted to share with Addie the heritage that she has from my side of the family since that is the side that I know best.

At a recent Bible study I attended, Psalm 16:6 was read and this page came to mind. For the sake of our family members' privacy, I have only given the initials to the last names.

God has indeed blessed us with a wonderful family. From the C's to the M's, the L's to the B's, each group has their own unique qualities that will shape who you will become. Obviously the sides that I know the best are the C clan and the M's because that is who I was raised around and had the most interaction with. From those sides you will learn sacrifice. Did you know that when Mama (my mother) was young, there were times that Grandma Che-Che (pronounced with a short e) would not eat dinner because there wasn't enough for everyone? She would just say, "I'm not hungry," and give her food to her husband and five children so none of them would go to bed hungry. You will also learn about true love given unconditionally and loyalty. If you mess with a member of the C clan, watch out! They will defend and protect each other, be by their side, and hold your hand all the way. They also have an entrepreneurial spirit and have learned to make an extra buck here and there using their God given talents. From the M's you will learn the value of getting the family to stay close to each other, always being available for the other members, and the importance of family gatherings. Time makes no difference, and neither does the distance of your actual relation to them. As long as you have M blood running through your veins, you are valued, loved, and treated as an immediate member of the family.


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