Friday, October 30, 2009

Addie at 20 Months

  • She loves to look at herself in the mirror- what girl doesn't?
  • She has begun to nibble on hard cookies- and then proceeds to wipe her tongue on me when she scrapes off a crumb. Needless to say, I think my laundry pile is the biggest in the house!
  • She has decided that balls are really "buh-boos" (bubbles)
  • She loves to sing the B-I-B-L-E by saying "bah bah bah bah bah" while pumping her arm up and down and ending by putting one arm up in the air and yelling, "Bah- bul!" (Bible).
  • Before she has her milk, she always reaches out her hands for mine so we can pray. Good feeling.
  • In the church nursery, if she sees us leave she gets upset for a couple of minutes and then is fine. When we pick her up, we always find her playing so well with the toys. When she realizes that we are there, though, she leaves the toys, squeals, smiles, laughs, and then hugs us really tightly. The workers always give us a good report.
  • She loves to hide and then poke her head out to "surprise" you. It doesn't seem to phase her that the rest of her body is in full view. As long as she can't see you, then in her mind, you can't see her.
  • She loves walking while holding our hand- such a big girl.
  • She will do anything in order to earn a sticker. Eating the lumpier foods is less painful when you get a sticker for every spoonful you eat.
  • We went to a music store to pick up some music books. Addie made the "m", "s", and "c" sounds. I couldn't figure out what she was doing until I looked up and saw the word "MUSIC" in big letters across the window. She was reading the consonant sounds!
  • She stacks blocks. Unfortunately, since we are still working on gentleness, the stack doesn't last very long. She tends to knock over her towers while adding blocks to it.
  • She has begun practicing sitting on her little potty. We are not potty training yet, but we are getting her comfortable with the idea.
  • Her body knows when bedtime is. When 7:45 comes, she starts going around the room passing out hugs and kisses and then waves at each person after she hugs them.
  • She loves to dance. If the music has a quick tempo she will bounce up and down. If the music is more melodious and maybe even slower, she will twirl around (she is slightly wobbly) and put her arms in the air while she twirls.
  • She loves when people come over. She stands at the window and squeals as they walk up to the house.
  • She "counts". The pictures from earlier this week of her and me reading a book is of us reading her numbers book. We go through each page and I count out each item on the page by tapping them. Now she taps items and you can hear her babbling something. To her, she is saying a number. To us, it just sounds like bubbly goodness.
  • Every child is a baby to her. When she sees a child, she squeals and then does the sign for baby.
  • She has figured out who the little girl in most of our pictures is. When we ask, "Who's that?", she now (sometimes) points to herself.
  • She loves the swing at Grandma and Grandpop's house and giggles the whole time she is on it.
  • She is playing with dolls now. She is a bit rough with them, but she loves to give them hugs and kisses and then puts them in her doll carriage and covers them with a blanket.
  • She has recently learned how to play "Ring Around the Rosie". However, when "we all fall down", no matter where she is in the circle (it's more fun when Aunt Faye and Daddy play), she always "falls down" in my lap. It is so cute to see her run over, turn around, and plop down. It makes me feel really good inside, too.


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