Saturday, October 31, 2009

Flower Free-Hand Art

I have decided to try my hand at a more free-hand style of sewing. I have enjoyed it so much since I am only limited by my imagination, and I am not bound to a pattern of any kind. No more worrying about skipping a stitch or miscounting. This little darling was a fun project that I did a few mornings ago while Addie and I watched her reading DVD. Everything was hand stitched (except for using the sewing machine to attach the denim to the interfacing) and the yo-yo (center of the flower) was handmade by yours truly. You can find this little darling in Addie's Attic. God has filled my head with so many ideas (when I asked God to bless me with ideas, I had no idea how many he would give me!), and now that I am actually translating them to fabric, my head is feeling less cluttered.


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