Monday, October 12, 2009

Addie's 19 Month Appointment

On Friday, we went to Addie's 19 month check up. I was amazed to see how much she is growing. As a mom, you see your child in the same situations all the time, but when you take them somewhere semi-familiar, that is where you can really see the growth happening in them.

She was fine in the waiting room, talking to other babies, asking "Wha sat?" about everything, and playing with Titi Elsie... and then we were taken to our exam room. She walked, holding my hand, until we walked into the room, and that is where all of her past memories of "this place" came flooding back to her. She stopped dead in her tracks, turned around to leave, but since I was blocking the doorway, she burried her head in my legs and whimpered. Addie knew that the nurse is the one who gives the shots, so she wiggled and squirmed during the weighing and measurements (weight- 24.5 lbs., Length- 31 1/4 inches).

The doctor eventually came in, and Addie had a little discussion with her (lots of smiling and a few frowny eyebrows- her newest thing). The doctor told us that Addie is doing very well. She still isn't eating anything but baby food (she doesn't like textures in her mouth), but the doctor told us that it isn't uncommon (and here I was being so hard on myself because so many people would make comments about her "still not eating table food?"). If she still isn't eating table food by the time she is 2, then we will be sent to a speech therapist to help Addie deal with food textures. We also found that Addie has an allergic reaction to dogs! Wouldn't you know, dogs are her favorite animals to say and sound like! At least we have an excuse for not getting a dog in the future... "Sorry, Sweetheart, but you're allergic to dogs." That is actually quite common for babies/toddlers, as well.

Then came the shots (and this is where I have to apologize to my parents for what I put them through during my childhood visits to the doctor, especially when it came to shots). Addie practically jumped off the exam table when we put her there. If Titi Elsie had not been standing infront of her, Addie would have ended up on the floor. She is a surprisingly strong girl, and it took Titi Elsie and me to hold her down while the two nurses gave her the shots simultaneously. Titi whisked her out of the room while I made our next appointment, and when we met up 2 minutes later, she was a happy little camper.

Titi Elsie, thank you for always making yourself available to come with me to Addie's appointments. And Lisa, thank you for sharing your mother with me.


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