Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dear God...Thank You

Yesterday, I was looking through Addie's scrapbooks and saw a layout that I had made when she was still a newborn.

I had been caring for her and all day just saying, "Dear God, thank you." I decided to make a layout based on that phrase.

The following is the prayer that I wrote out for the layout, and the picture to he left is the picture used on the layout. In the picture she was one month old and had just come from getting a shot at her doctor's appointment. The soreness from the shot had just kicked in, so the photographer told me to just calm her down . The photographer began taking pictures, and we ended up getting the best pictures that day .

Lord, I thank you for little girl...the example that I had in my own mother...the women that You have placed in my life...and the love You have placed in my heart for this beautiful child that Brian and I have been blessed with. I ask for Your wisdom and guidance as I stay home with my daughter and teach her from Your Word. I pray that You help me to become an expert in knowing my daughter's needs as well as knowing how to care for those needs. I ask for a calm heart and diligence when it comes to training Addie so that I can raise a godly little girl who will bring joy to her parents and those around her. I ask that You give me the ability and health to care for my child(ren) throughout their lives and allow me to be around for my grandchildren (if You have not returned by then). Lord, as I teach her the academic subjects, I pray that You give me creativity, and allow Addie to "be like Daniel"- wiser than those around him and one who stood out among his peers. I ask that You help me to be brave and to stand up for my child(ren) if others choose to put them down. I ask that You give my child(ren) health as they grow. Never allow them to experience a debilitating illness. Lord, when the time comes for them to find a marriage partner, please bring godly young people into their lives. Give my child(ren) a teachable spirit and allow them always to accept correction from their parents and authorities. I give my child(ren) to You. Amen.


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