Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mommy Was A Baby Too...

Story Behind the Layout: This was the picture taken when my mother brought me home from the hospital (posted yesterday). I thought it would be good for Addie and any other children that I have in the future to see that I was a baby (a loooong time ago), too.

Shortly after bringing me home, my mother was admitted to the hospital due to a complication. During her second stay at the hospital, she did a lot of crying when she saw the other young mothers feeding and holding their newborns (that was when mothers shared rooms with other mothers and babies stayed in a nursery). She feared that because I was not with her during those first few days that I would love the other family members caring for me more that I loved her. No worries, Mom. I have always loved you more.

The Journaling: ...and my mom was once a young mother trying to feel her way around a new little person coming into the home that she and Dad had made together. From middle of the night feedings to diaper changings, her world changed the instant she brought me home from the hospital. She always made me feel that having me and Faye were two of the greatest blessings in her life. She never acted like we had thrown her world for a loop. She was a mother and so happy to be one. I pray that my children know and feel the same.


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