Monday, October 26, 2009

It Was Beautiful...

As I mentioned on Saturday, Brian's youngest brother, Jimmy, was married to Katrina in a beautiful ceremony. Thankfully, the wedding day was not nearly as eventful as the rehearsal evening. The bride and groom-to-be never made it to the rehearsal after being in a minor fender bender on their way to the rehearsal. By the time they met us at the rehearsal dinner, it was past 9:00 p.m.- the rehearsal was supposed to be at 6:30.
Addie looked so beautiful in her pink poofy dress that Grandpa had given her for her birthday last year. And what a good girl she was the entire evening (not that we were surprised, we expected her to be a good girl)! During the ceremony, she sat so well and didn't begin squirmming until the minister introduced Uncle Jimmy and Aunty Katrina as husband and wife. One of the best moments of the wedding (in my opinion) was when Brian walked down the aisle. He was the last groomsman to walk, and when Addie saw him, she began pointing, smiling, and squealing with all her might. Of course, Daddy waved to her as he walked by.
During the reception, Aunty Katrina went out to the dance floor and began dancing. Addie was just lost in awe at the sound of the music and her new aunt and the flower girl dancing. Aunty Katrina saw Addie watching and called to her to come over. Addie went over to Aunty Katrina and held her hand and "danced" for a few moments before running back over to me.
I also loved the picture of the four brothers and our newest addition to the family. Katrina is a beautiful person with a happy, bubbly personality. She is such a hard worker, and she is very devoted to family. Welcome to the family, Katrina. We are so happy to have you.
Of course, I loved seeing my handsome groomsman in his tux. My goodness did he look handsome! Well, he's such a handsome guy, anyway! And I was able to fit into the black dress that GrandTiti and Belinda had given to me for Mother's Day (with some room to spare, I might add!), so of course, I was on cloud nine. And my dear daughter looked like a pink cloud floating around at ground level.
Saturday was just a beautiful day, and I am so thankful to God for family. I realized on Saturday that God has given me the priviledge of being friends with my brothers and sisters-in-law. I also saw the absolute love they have for their little niece. Uncle Ricky tried to hold onto Addie as much as he could. She almost fell asleep on him, and you could just see him squeezing her in little hugs as she lay there. Uncle Paul and Aunt Angie talked to her and treated her like she had such important things to say. Her cousins enjoyed playing with her, and I was so proud to see her sharing her Sesame Street books with Baby cousin CJ. Uncle Jimmy told us that he thought she was so well behaved, and that no one could tell that she was even there because she had been so good.
Jimmy and Katrina, we pray that God blesses your marriage and family. We ask for God's safety as you set off on this journey through life together in the wonderful institution called marriage. May you know that we will keep you wrapped in our prayers. We love you.


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