Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coloring Time

A couple of weeks ago, Addie suddenly picked up one of her bath tub crayons and finally began coloring the tub! We have had these crayons for several months now, and she was only interested in playing with the crayon holder. Unfortunately she chose the red crayon (probably because it showed up better than the yellow or orange did), and it looked a bit creepy so I didn't bother taking a picture of it. However, I knew that was the start of her entering the world of coloring and crayons. By the way, she's a lefty!
I decided that I would transfer her coloring skills into our "school" time. On half a sheet of paper, I traced an "a" and a "1". We then go over the sound of the letter, and I show her how many "1" is on my fingers. Then she takes the crayons and goes to town. I found that using half a sheet of paper is more do-able for a small child. Anytime I give her a whole sheet of paper or a coloring page, she looks overwhelmed and doesn't want to color.
At one point, she put the crayon in her mouth (picture 2). I figured that it is non-toxic and she wouldn't be a real child if she didn't try a crayon at least once and hey, she put something in her mouth (to those of you new to the blog, my daughter will not eat anything but baby food, and she rarely puts anything in her mouth)! As you can see (picture 3), I don't think she'll be doing that again. GrandTiti was the lucky recipient of this beautiful, original masterpiece by Addie.
Oh, Addie. You are a gift from God to Daddy and me. We love you so very much! You have made us so proud in your 20 short months, and we can only imagine how proud you will make us in the next 20 years. Keep loving Jesus and putting Him first, and He will take you to where you need to go. Love you, Baby.


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