Sunday, December 6, 2009

Joy to the World

The question for my online class was What does the word "joy" mean to you? Does it play a part at the holidays?

Joy is knowing as a believer that when we close our eyes for the last time here on earth we will open our eyes in Heaven and stand face to face with Jesus.

Joy is knowing that the Baby that was born at Christmas came for a much greater purpose- our salvation.

Joy is knowing that I am in right standing with God.

Joy is putting Jesus first, Others second and You last. Back when I was a little girl, Mom had made soft, fluffy letters out of felt and used to hang them on the chain to the living room hanging light. As one of our decorations lessons (more on this in an upcoming post), she would always remind us as she was hanging the letters what they stood for.

Joy is reading an old, familiar Scripture passage and having a new lesson jump out at me.

Joy is watching Brian walk in the door after work and seeing Addie get excited that he is home.

Joy is watching my sister smile when the thought of Jim passes her mind.

Joy is sitting on the same sofa with Brian while watching a heartwarming Hallmark movie or Little House on the Prairie.

Joy is watching Addie run to the sofa table where the Nativity is set up to kiss the Baby Jesus on the head and then run off to her next item of business.

Joy is hearing Addie laugh while having a conversation on her toy phone.

Joy is having an empty hamper for 5 minutes (any more than that and I become ecstatic).

Joy is a fresh pot of coffee that I didn't make and a warm cup of coffee that I didn't prepare for one of my red mugs.

Joy is looking back at the pictures of our engagement, wedding, and life together and knowing there is so much more to come.

Joy is having a house full of people and watching them all interact with each other.

Joy is knowing that I will see Mom again and that Addie will get the opportunity to meet her finally.

Joy is knowing that God is our Provider and that He does not work according to our world's economy.

Joy plays a part at Christmas, but it is not limited to Christmas time or December. For the child of God, we can have joy throughout the entire year. Yes, December somehow tends to bring those feelings out of us a bit more, but joy is an ever present member of our home.

Enjoy this version of Joy to the World by the group Avalon. Have a happy Lord's Day!


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