Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Wonderful Man

I am so in love with a wonderful man. He was chosen by God (and my parents) for me. As I was looking through our pictures, I realized that we aren't in very many pictures together anymore because one of us has the camera and the other has Addie (who is usually in the picture- and we certainly can't give her the camera to snap some shots of us!).
On Saturday night, Brian asked me if I wanted to go to Perkins with him for either dessert or an appetizer and coffee (you know I am all about coffee!). Addie was already asleep for the night, so Faye stayed with her, and Brian and I went on a date at 10:00 p.m. (did we feel like a couple of kids or what!). It was so nice to sit down face to face with the one you love and just talk about your thought, ideas, and what is going on in your day-to-day routine that you tend to assume the other knows about. My only regret was having half of the appetizer and not getting their pumpkin muffin lathered in icing. Hey, if you're going to spend the extra calories, it might as well be on something like a pumpkin muffin and icing!
I would encourage you to go on an impromptu date with your spouse. We are blessed to have Faye with us right now to babysit when we get a notion into our heads, but if you don't have someone that close for impromptu babysitting, see about swaping days with a friend or check with Grandma and Grandpa (actually, do that first). Date night is always a good thing and will serve to strengthen the bonds of your relationship.
The Story Behind the Layouts: I wanted to make some layouts that featured Brian and me together (since so many layouts feature a cute little person). The pictures on the first two layouts were taken pre-Addie and the pictures on the last were taken this September.
The Journaling: Layout 1- Brian, thank you for always standing beside me, for leading our family, for getting up to go to work everyday, for being such a good father to our daughter, a wonderful husband to me, and a sweet son to your parents, for never denying me anything, for watching Addie so I can give piano lessons, and giving me time to pursue my hobbies. If I haven't said thank you before...thank you.
Layout 2- May we never forget the thrill of a good cup of coffee and a long conversation.
Layout 3- When we've been married 59 years, will you still be my boyfriend?
Products- Scrapbook Factory Version 3.0 (layouts 2 &3), Shabby Princess freebie (layout 1)
Tomorrow I will be sharing a little of my December scrapbook. This is not my original idea. It came from Ali Edwards. I did the project last year, and I loved it! The premise behind this project is to prepare a "mixed-up" scrapbook ahead of time, document each day in December (most people do only the first 25 days- I'm, doing the whole month because Christmas doesn't end in our family on the 25th), and each day do a bit of journaling, picture taking, and putting together (it is easier to remember how you feel and what you are thinking as it happens than to wait until the end of the season and then just write "I love Christmas!" because you can't think of anything else to say). By the end of the month, you will have a beautiful (and shall I say completed) scrapbook of your Christmas season. Click here and here to see what Ali has done with her albums. The first link shows half of her album for this year. The other link shows her completed album from last year.


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