Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Look Back at Projects

I thought that before the end of the old year and the beginning of the new one, I would look back at my projects list and see how much I have been able to accomplish. I have my original list here, and in italics I have added what I have actually done beside each item.
  1. Make cornices for the windows (I will need Brian's help with this one)- Pops built the cornices for me, I covered them, and Pops and Brian hung them. They look beautiful. Thanks, Pops!

  2. Finish the afghan I began for Brian while we were dating (don't laugh!)- ahem, I found the instructions book (lucky me), so I feel an obligation to finish the afghan...eventually.

  3. Organize my gift station- did!

  4. Wrap any unwrapped presents and tag them- Now that Christmas is over, I am going to make tags for next Christmas's gifts so I can get a head start. As I begin getting gifts, they will be wrapped and tagged.

  5. Complete one photo album scrapbook- that felt good to complete. It was even nicer to lose the pressure of designing an entire layout for all of those pictures.

  6. Put a couple of items on Ebay or Etsy- I did. Sold a few things on EBay and got a gold star seller rating.

  7. Organize garage (maybe when the weather is cooler?)- We did. Felt good to have a cleaned out garage...for a little while.

  8. Scrapbook all pictures left in box after photo album is complete- I grabbed my square punch, punched out all of the important parts of the pictures, and made several layouts using the squares. Another project that was satisfying to complete. What ever was left was put into a photo album.

  9. Finish cross-stitching the picture of the two turtles- haven't even attempted that.

  10. Make bulletin board for Addie's room- Did! It turned out beautifully and filled in an empty wall in her room.

  11. Turn small cross-stitch projects into frames wall art- Did, and I put one on Etsy.

  12. Make an apron with fabric my cousin Belinda gave me- That was a nice project to do. I have enough material to make several more that will probably end up on Etsy.
Ten out of twelve things accomplished is not bad! I am so excited to come up with a new list of projects for the new year. I will probably have Brian's afghan and the turtle cross-stitch on my list, but I think I'll put them towards the bottom.


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