Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A New Look at Joseph

There are so many characters in the Christmas account, but I think the most overshadowed one is Joseph. Yet what a man of great character he was.

When Joseph first found out that Mary was with child and they were not yet married, he thought to "put her away quietly". In otherwords, divorce her without bringing charges against her, which could have led to her being stoned to death.

He cared for her heart and well-being even though his pride could have easily been hurt by this situation.

After his encounter with the angel, he willingly took on the great responsibility of being the step-father to Jesus. I know how seriously my own husband takes his responsibility of being a father to our children. Joseph was going to be the father-figure to God Himself! No pressure.

Don't forget, Mary was not alone in the stable as she gave birth to Jesus. I'm sure that Joseph helped in the delivery of this precious Baby. In all reality, Joseph was probably the first to actually see Jesus after He was born.

What did he think when he held this tiny Baby who was God in human form?

In the years that followed, how many times did he attempt to teach the young Jesus about life or common tasks and stopped short when he remembered that this little boy had created the entire universe and him?

How many times did he jump when he realized that his "Son" had just read his thoughts and knew the intents of his heart?

Joseph must have been a man mighty in spirit for God to have chosen him to raise His Son. So many times, Mary is given a lead role when we retell the Christmas account, but it was a couple that God entrusted with His Son. Mary carried Him for the full term, but Joseph was the man that brought Him up.

This Christmas as we remember the birth of Christ and see the Nativity scenes featuring Mary and Jesus while pushing Joseph to the background to watch the event, let us remember that Joseph played a greater role in the account than he is given credit for.

One of my favorite Christmas songs is this song by Mercy Me. We get Joseph's perspective of being the earthly father to this special Baby. I hope you enjoy Joseph's Lullaby .


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