Friday, January 1, 2010

Nice Times

Brian has been on vacation since Christmas Day, so we have been able to spend a lot of time together and with our extended family. Although there are many pictures that we have taken over these past few days (almost 400 were uploaded to Shutterfly on Wednesday), I could only post 5 here. These were the five that I thought best showed our interactions and events.

We went to the Wiregrass Mall on Tuesday evening to watch their lighted Christmas tree/musical arrangement. It was really neat how the lights on the tree were set to flash, flicker, and twinkle to the rhythm of the music in the background. We went with my cousin Lisa, her husband, Mark, their two sons and twin daughters. My cousin, Alaina, who is down until Sunday and stayed with us most of the week, came also. Addie loved the music and lights on the tree. She would clap after each song was over and just stared during the lights show. After a train ride with the girls, we went to Chili's for dinner. It was nice to just sit at talk with each other. Addie had a great time with my French Fries and ketchup. She didn't get messy (whew!) and she experimented with putting food in her mouth. I was so happy! (On another note, yesterday she nibbled on my pizza slices! I am beside myself over here if you couldn't tell!)


For Christmas, Grandpa M bought Addie her first car, a Lambourgenie no less! Daddy, Grandpa, and Addie (I got to go one time also) went to an empty parking lot nearby to drive her car. The car is actually a remote controlled car, so Brian totally loves it. Once Addie is old enough, there is a "gas pedal" and the steering wheel really works, so she will be able to "drive" on her own.

As I mentioned, my "little" cousin Alaina came down. Alaina has always held a special place in my heart. I remember the day she was born. I was at a youth group roller skating event, and when I got home I was told that Alaina had been born. She was in our wedding as an eleven year old, and now she is just days away from being 17. When she came into the house on Saturday evening, Addie ran to her, began talking to her like she had been waiting her whole life to meet Alaina (which she has), took her by the hand, and walked Alaina to her room so she could be read to. Alaina couldn't get over how Addie "took" to her. Hey, that's my girl!

We were so blessed by the generosity of so many this Christmas. One of the many gifts she received was a tent with an attached tunnel from Aunt Faye. Addie has spent hours playing in the tent, bringing us into the tent with her, having us read to her in the tent, and traveling back and forth through the tunnel. Brian and I have also tried out the tunnel, but we decided that the tent is where we fit better. Addie has also begun singing as she goes through the tunnel. She has a really good tone, too!
In between all of these events and times, we have gone to my aunt and uncle's home to spend time with them and others in our family as we work through the grieving process from my cousin's death. However, because of our faith in Jesus Christ, mixed in with the tears are outbursts of joy. We are able to talk about John with fondness and even laughter as we remember comments, quips, and quirks that made him so loveable.
I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve and have an even better New Year's Day. Last night, Dad stayed over to ring in the New Year with us (since a certain little person is not allowed to be out after 9:00 p... I am looking forward to all of the upcoming plans I have for my spiritual walk, marriage, family, home, and, of course, my dear blog friends. Happy New Years!


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