Monday, December 21, 2009

The Office Mini- Renovation

Brian said that because I relaxed so much while visiting GrandTiti and family, I had so much pent up energy that it caused me to do what I did last Monday and Tuesday. What did I do? I decided to tear apart our office on Monday. I guess Brian's assumption is partially true. I did have all week to think about my least favorite room in the house, what I wanted to do in there, and how I would set about accomplishing it.

I literally emptied the desk, bookshelf and closet onto the office floor. (Until I am able to download my pictures onto Brian's computer I won't be able to post any. Our computer is very picky about which files it will download from my camera.) For anyone that knows me well, messes make me a little stressed. I am not compulsive in any way, it is just hard to see where to start in a mess. I decided that I would just pick one thing up at a time and decide what to do with it (keep, donate, or trash it). So that is where I began.

We have been blessed with so many books, many which were mine and Faye's when we were children or were bought when I was teaching for use with my students with the intention that my children would read them one day. However, our bookshelf was bursting at the seams and I hated walking into the office and seeing the bookshelf looking cluttered. So while Addie was napping (so important when deconstructing a room), I decided what was Addie-age-appropriate and what she would have to wait to read (meant for ages 4 and up). Anything that fit in the later of the two categories was moved into our bedroom temporarily.

After deciding what went back onto the shelves, I worked on books that were Brian's and mine. I found some great books that I plan to read and use as additional devotional materials and some books on marriage that we had gotten while doing a Weekend To Remember conference (highly recommend to every couple no matter how long or short a time you have been married or how wonderful your marriage is. The Biblical teaching and communication that it encourages has been known to save marriages and has strengthened marriages that were already strong. We went before our first anniversary as a gift from my parents, and have used the teachings ever since in our marriage.).

Addie's books (that are toddler durable) were placed on the lowest shelf of the bookcase so she can have easy access to her books. Other Addie books that we use for devotionals or are paper books are up higher so that she cannot get a hold of them.

My other dilemma was the proportions of the room. The bookshelf (which was the largest piece of furniture) was on the smallest wall and the smaller desk was on the largest wall. Brian did me the favor of moving the furniture around (the two pieces of furniture swapped walls) and then I could begin replacing certain things. The books that were too old for Addie were boxed for Brian to put in the attic (poor thing, he has so much work ahead of him).

I'll spare you the blow by blow of putting the room back together, but let us just say that after two days of work (Addie helped me on the second day to go through all of the notepads, sticky notes, index cards and desk related items. Did you know that a calculator is really a cell phone in disguise? I didn't either until Addie pointed that out.) everything in the office has a place/home and everything is pleasantly in its place/home. The only thing left for me to do is hang my paprika colored curtains. The room feels bigger, and I actually enjoy being back here now.

Eventually, I would like to slipcover the sofa bed (now I know why Mom hated this sofa- it was hers originally, and when Faye and Dad moved in with us after Mom's passing, we brought it over here for Faye to sleep on- it is a very drab green color) and put some coral pillows on it. But that is a job for another day. Tuesday night, I was so exhausted that I fell asleep at 10:00...very unlike me.

Maybe in a few days I'll be rested enough to take apart another room. Which room will it be?
Today's song is O Holy Night performed by David Phelps.


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