Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brooksville Raid- Part 1

Earlier today, we experienced the Brooksville Raid for the first time. And what an awesome experience it was. By entering the gate to the Boy Scout grounds, it felt like we were stepping back into history. Men, women, and children were walking about, talking, playing, cooking, sewing, playing music, and just enjoying themselves dressed in authentic Civil War Era garb. To show you some I my favorite photos from the day, I am having to put up several posts.

It made me miss an era and time period that I have never had the priviledge to experience. What honor, faith, belief in a cause, and patriotism people had in those times. As I watched the reenactment, I was struck once again by the realization of the men and women that have given their lives for the love of this great country. As I held Addie during parts of the reenactment, I talked to her about the brave men and women of both sides who died so that we could enjoy the freedoms and country that we have today...but are so quickly losing. I told her that we need to always that God for those men and women throughout history, from every war, who served and in so many cases gave their lives.

Addie loves being on Daddy's shoulders where she can see everything...and still be her cute little self.

With the love of my life, who happens to love history...especially Civil War history.

Telling Addie about the sacrifice being reenacted infront of us.

Anytime the narrator announced that it was a good time for the North to cheer (for example, when they took the field), mine was one of maybe 20 voices heard as opposed to the several hundred cheers for the South. We do live in the South.

On her perch watching the action. I think this was after she licked the flavoring off of our kettle corn.

Today made me so happy. I don't know if it was our family time...or watching history come to life...or Addie saying, "Uh oh!" when the cannons went off...or how she would wave at the horses in the battle and alternate between saying "Neigh" and "Bye" to them...or the beautiful weather we had while we were out. I thank God that there are are group of people across our nation who reenact different battles that our nation experienced to remind of the great sacrifices that made us the great nation that we are.


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