Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Telephones and Birthday Parties

Addie is such a blast! She has such a happy personality and is always in the mood for fun. She loves to hug and has recently begun squeezing our necks when she hugs. She definitely has phases where one particular toy is her favorite. She had a thing with these Bible memory cards from Aunt Faye (memory match game cards). She would carry them with her everywhere. On our last trip to Walmart, the entire deck went in with us and the entire deck came back out. She was careful not to drop any.
Right now Elmo is her buddy...and she has two of them. They both talk and one giggles. She literally drags them everywhere! Brian and I have had to flip the "off" switch just to keep our sanity. And then she drags one or both of them to us and says "Please?"
I don't know if I am just overly excited about the whole food thing or what (yesterday consisted of oatmeal, real sweet potatoes, real spaghetti-o's, and marshmallows!), but I think she is the sweetest, cutest, happiest little thing in the world. Recently she has begun holding the phone to her ear on her own while talking to Daddy, aunts, and grandparents. Unfortunately, she needed to learn to give the phone back without having a meltdown. But after one lesson in quiet obedience, we have not had a recurrence of the meltdown. Oh, but isn't she adorable holding the phone! In this particular picture, she is talking to my aunt Elsa (while holding her Bible memory cards).

On Sunday, we celebrated the birthdays of three of the younger cousins, Brooke, Britt, and Analiz. Addie and I won the "Pin the Crown on the Princess" game. Once again, I was so impressed with Addie and her social skills. She is so friendly and kind to everyone in our family. She definitely has her favorites (big cousin Josh who is absolutely the sweetest!), but she goes to, hugs and kisses, plays with, and talks to everyone. It was especially cute watching her run behind the older girls. Last year, before she could walk, we all talked about how "next year" she would be following the bigger girls, and here she was tagging along.
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you, Addie. We can't wait to see what God is going to do in your life.


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