Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl

I cannot believe that 2 years ago today at 12:53 p.m., you were born into our little family. It seems like you have always been a part of this family, and in some ways, I can't remember life without you. It has definitely been a wonderful two years.

You are growing so well physically, academically, and spiritually. You have such a kind, sweet spirit. You don't only reach out to the "in crowd", you share your love with those that are considered outsiders as well. For example, when we went to watch your big cousin Justin pitch for his high school baseball team, you saw a little boy with a ball and ran over to him. The two of you played like you have always been best friends. Never mind the fact that neither of you actually talked to the other. You both just threw a little ball around and chased it, laughing the whole time.

You have begun eating real food (woohoo!)! I can't begin to tell you how proud we are of that. God is so good to answer prayer in time (your doctor said that if by your 2nd birthday you weren't eating table food, she would want you to see a speech therapist). I keep forgetting that He has a different time table than I do. He is never late and never early with His answers. You are loving pizza, pudding, yogurt, ice cream (of course), mac 'n cheese, and oatmeal. You also love taking a "teeste" of our food as well.

You have quite a personality. You can be serious and then get that look in your eyes that says that the wheels are turning and then you're off. You are generally obedient, and when you have done wrong, you always say and sign "I sar" (I'm sorry), give us hugs and kisses, and then you're off on your next adventure.

You are beginning to use the potty and understanding when you need to sit there. We sing our Sunday School songs until you are done, then we march and cheer to put things in their appropriate places (You shout "Yeah! I did it!" the whole time.). On Saturday, after a potty break, I told you to tell Daddy what you did. You went running into the dining room clapping and shouting, "Yeah!" Oh, you are getting to be such a big girl!

I have seen how you understand what is happening when we pray, say our evening memory verse, and have morning devotions. You are even "saying" or signing the short verses with us I have even seen you read your devotional books to yourself while doing the hand motions that we have done when we read the books to you. My favorite, though, is when you took Tigger's hand, folded them, mumbled something, and ended with "Amen!" When it is time for you to eat, you even make Elmo fold his hands to pray with you.
Your favorite phrases right now are "There it is!", "There he is!" (when you are looking for Daddy and then find him), "I did it!", "Hello!", and singing Elmo's song (you have the Lalalala's down). You love the songs "Who's the King of the Jungle?" (did you know that I learned that song in VBS when I was a little girl?), "The B-I-B-L-E", "This Little Light of Mine" (especially the verses where we blow and shout "No!"), and "Every Move I Make" (you look so cute doing the hand motions to it).
Happy birthday, Baby Girl! We are celebrating today, because we are so thankful for the gift that God gave us when He blessed us with you. I hope you enjoy what we have planned for you.


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