Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So Excited!

Elmo is the toy of choice around here. Addie doesn't play with dolls or stuffed animals very often (unless it is her Elmo or Tigger). Elmo gets pushed in the baby carriage, the baby doll gets taken out and put on the floor to make more room for Elmo (the picture was taken just before the doll was put on the floor). A few weeks ago, Brian and Addie were watching Elmo videos online. This one is my favorite. It combines Elmo with a Sesame Street version of Time to Say Goodnight sung by the talented Andrea Bocelli. Although Addie usually goes to sleep well for us, I'm sure this conversation is what she is trying to tell us at times. I am so amazed at how Mr. Bocelli did not allow his blindness to keep him from using the gifts that God gave him. What a voice!

I am soooo super excited right now! I have sold two items on Etsy! Do you remember the crocheted market bag that I made several weeks ago and put on the Haiti By Hand Etsy Shop? Well, it sold about a week and a half ago. And then, Thursday I found out that the Filet Stitch Crocheted Afghan sold. Both of my items were shipped out as quickly as possible. Right now I am working on several toddler hats to put in my shop and then I'm off to make some aprons.


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