Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Prayer of Jabez- Not the Cause of Pain

"...that it might not pain me..." 1 Chronicles 4:10 Depending on the version that you read, the translation is different. Some say "that it may not pain me" and some say, "that I might not cause pain." Both are powerful.

We all know the sting first hand of pain, whether it be physical or emotional. However, many times without realizing it or thinking about it, we can be the cause of someone else's pain. Who me? Never! Why, we are perfect! If anything, it is somehow the other person's fault for taking us the wrong way! We all have these conversations with ourselves in our minds when we know that some one is upset with us. And while sometimes that may be true, it is not accurate 100% of the time.

The name Jabez means "pain; sorrow". We discussed last Thursday the importance of the meaning of names. The Bible says that Jabez's mother bore him in pain and then named him Jabez. After having that label on him since birth, he was asking God to keep him from causing any more pain.

"That I might not cause pain" admits that we are human and as humans we have the capability to make mistakes which cause pain. By asking God to keep us from causing pain, we are asking Him to help us be mindful of those around us, their sensitivties, needs, and situations so that we are not responsibile for causing pain in their lives. Matthew 18:7 says, "Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!" We want to be sure that we are not the cause of offence or hurt in someone else's life. In all honesty there are many people out there who unintentionally hurt with their words. If you are one of those people that people always seem to be offended with, remember that everyone can't be wrong. Maybe there is some soul searching that needs to go on to find out what is causing the offences. Maybe it is the words you say or the way you say them. Maybe the solution is not saying anything at all Remember, that you are asking God to help you from causing pain.

"That it may not pain me" is asking God to protect us fom the same pain that we do not want to inflict on others. And although no one wants to experience pain in any way, we understand that pain can happen, but we are asking God to keep the pain from being a permanent throb.

Lord, as a stay-at-home wife and mother I am limited to the interactions that I have. Help me not to cause pain to the ones that see me the most and who I love the most.


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