Monday, February 15, 2010

So Happy For You!

Yesterday, as many of us were celebrating Valentine's Day, a most wonderful thing happened. Jim took my sister out for the day, got down on one knee, and asked Faye to marry him! We are so happy and excited for them both. The ring is absolutely gorgeous and is the perfect ring for her hand. Excellent choice of both the girl and the ring, Jim! To see the beautiful SmileBox slideshow that my sister made, click here.
Tomorrow, I will be posting The Prayer of Jabez. This news was just too exciting to put off until Tuesday!
While going through the paper on Sunday, I found several websites I wanted to share with you.




Win a free flight! Join their e-club for a chance to win a roundtrip flight to anywhere in the US and receive special offers. Can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Have a chance to win Footlong sandwhiches from Subway for a year. Go to


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