Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some Fun From Last Week

How about a fun family update from our home to yours?

Up first, my hubby runs his own fantasy football league (yours truly hosts the draft and fills in the chart with the stickers of who buys which player- imaginary money is used). For the first two years, Brian has been the champion and has gotten his name etched into the little plaque at the base of the trophy. All of the guys have been trying to get the trophy off of our entertainment center where it has proudly lived for two years. Unfortunately, my baby's team didn't do too well this year, and the trophy is now residing in the home of Dan and his family. Brian was such a good sport about the whole thing (one of the many reasons I love him so much), and had me take a picture of the trophy exchange. My good sport isn't letting me fill the empty spot on the entertainment center, though. He wants to keep it ready for the trophy's return.

Okay, are any words really needed here? This has been her "pose" lately when we tell her to say "Cheese!" Believe me, she gets more than her fair share of hugs, kisses, tickles and squishes. When Aunt Faye is home, we often find her in Aunt Faye's room just hanging out with her and trying on Aunt Faye's hats. She now says "Aunt Faye"- it is more like "Aaah Faah".

On Saturday afternoon, my Aunt Elsa watched Addie for us (she didn't fuss or anything when we left her...a little whimper would have nice, my dear), and we met a group for a Lightning hockey game (have I ever mentioned that my husband loves sports?). We had such a great time together, and it was nice just connecting with our family members that went to the game with us. By the way, isn't that one good-looking hockey player? Yeah, he's mine...hehehe.

This is Jim (hey, Jim, I got Faye's permission for this :). Lord willing, this is only the first of many more mentions of him. He is my sister's boyfriend and the answer to the many prayers made on her behalf. Addie absolutely loves her Uncle Jim as we have begun calling him. At dinner and then at the hockey game, we had a great time hanging out with them, hearing about their day together, and watching the game. Don't they look great togehter? Jim, Mama would have loved you.

This is my good-looking sports fan/fantasy football league commissioner/husband and me. We were able to get to the stadium about and hour before the game. Because of that we were allowed to sit right up to the glass to watch the players warm up. I loved watching Brian's reaction to the whole event. He kept saying, "This is so cool! You see these guys play on t.v., and here they are!" It was pretty amazing being so close to the players we have gotten to know since the year they won the Stanley Cup. Of course, once game time started getting closer, we need to find our seats....way up in the nose bleed section. But hey, for $12 a ticket, it wasn't bad. In fact, as Brian likes to say, "There isn't a bad seat in the house!" And in a sudden-death overtime, the Lightning won! A really great way to end a really great week.


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