Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ways You Have Made Me Smile or Laugh This Week

  • In the evenings when Aunt Faye decided to relax and take a break with us (which isn't often...and people think I don't slow down!), she always brings out her pillow and blanket to lay out on the floor. Lately you have managed to sneak in and lie down on her pillow and cover yourself up just before she gets to. We all get a laugh out of that, but I think Aunt Faye laughs the hardest.
  • On Friday, on our way home from Sam Seltzers I happened to turn around to check on you sitting in the back seat. You had quietly managed to grab you pom-pom hat and put it on your head. You were sitting there with such a proud-of-myself look on your face, I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

  1. We always know where to find you. We just have to follow the sounds of Elmo's singing or story telling. He is your buddy. In the picture above, I found you looking for your crayons and coloring book...with your little buddy right beside you.
  2. On Sunday, on our way to church, Daddy and I were talking to each other. I was trying to give Daddy a list and I said, "Number one..." From the back seat, the cutest little voice piped up, "TWO!" Daddy and I laughed out loud again.

        • You love talking on the phone. On Saturday, I was able to go to a scrapbooking crop with Miss Cathy. On my way home, I called the house and got to hear what you sound like on the other end of the phone. You put the biggest smile on my face...especially when I heard you say "Cheese!" when Aunt Faye started video recording you on the phone with me.
        • Saturday night we went to visit Grandma and Grandpops. As we were leaving and you were saying "Ba-bye!" to everyone, we asked if you could say "Corky" (Grandpop's dog's name). You smiled and responded, "Arff!" Close enough.

          • I love watching you and Daddy put his leftover change from the day in your piggy bank. It makes me smile...especially when you want to keep filling it after you run out of change.
          • I threw your pom-pom hat in the laundry this week. As I was folding clothes, you found the hat, put it on, and chose to wear it for about 15 minutes.


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