Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Recipe Swap- Cornbread Pudding

Addie is making great strides in her eating. Believe me, if eating came naturally to her, I would not be so thrilled. From the moment she was born (literally!), feeding her has been quite an ordeal. However, prayer and following our doctor's directions have really helped us progress this week.

When Victoria came to visit us on Wednesday, she brought Addie some boxes of Gerber Graduates Fruit Chews (similar to gummie bears but much healthier). At first Addie wasn't sure about them. On Thursday, I left a few of them on a plate low enough for her to get to incase she changed her mind about them. I guess she was pretty hungry after choosing not to eat what I gave her for lunch, because I found her eating them just before we sat down for dinner. She has been eating them ever since! I found out that there are now a line of vitamins that are also gummies, so I'll be picking some up today. For lunch yesterday, she ate the insides of some Tostino's Pizza rolls. Things are moving along in this department, but please keep us in prayer so that she will just eat anything and everything we give her.

This recipe was given to me by my Aunt Elsa (the one who goes with me to Addie's doctor visits and makes the absolute best chocolate chip cookies in the world!). It is a wonderfully sweet, moist twist to your normal, everyday, run-of-the-mill cornbread. It is also pretty easy to make.

Cornbread Pudding

  • 1 box corn muffin mix
  • 4 oz. sour cream
  • 1 stick margarine or butter
  • 1 can cream of corn


  • Pour corn muffin mix into a bowl.
  • Melt margarine. Add to corn muffin mix. Mix well.
  • Mix in cream of corn and sour cream. Mix well.
  • Pour into buttered casserole dish (I use an 8x8 dish)
  • Bake at 425degrees F for 30 minutes.

Don't forget to check out what Kristi is cooking up in her kitchen.

For those of you who have a Rita's nearby (it is a shaved ice parlor), today they are having their free promotion. You can get a free shaved ice because it is the first day of spring! I am definitely taking advantage of that today.


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