Friday, March 19, 2010


For today's Simplicity post I wanted to give you some links that have really made things simpler for me.

I have my daily schedule on the fridge and underneath it is this list put out by The Simple Mom. Next to each "group" of things I have a day of the week written down. On that day during my cleaning times, I tackle on or two "groups". I love her blog as well as the other "Simple" blogs that she runs. Click here to see the other lists that she has come up with that really help run an organized household.

For my Shopping Saturday, I go to Coupon Mom and check out the stores in my area. Her staff has already done all of the hard work by matching store sales and coupons to give you the best deals possible. I click the little boxes next to the items I want to pick up, print them out, go through my coupon book, paper clip my coupons to each list I've made, and I am ready for Saturday! Just watch for the dates of when the sales prices are for.

Sad but true story: I was all planned and ready for my shopping trip. I prepared the Monday before. I was all set, I was overly excited because of the deals I was going to get and the money I would save. I walked into Publix armed with my coupons...but the Buy One Get One deals I was expecting were no where to be seen! I went to a clerk and asked about the missing sales. "Our sales are from Thursday to Wednesday." Ahhhhhh!!!!! I suddenly felt like I had gone into battle empty handed. I picked up a few things and went home. Brian asked what was wrong, and I almost burst into tears. He is so easy going, so it didn't bother him at all. But I was devistated! Moral of the story: check the dates of the sales!

You may also want to follow The Coupon Queen in your reader. She gives updates all day long on sales and freebies that you can apply for, how to stack coupons for deals that cost next to nothing, and websites to visit to get free samples.

Have a simple weekend!


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