Friday, April 23, 2010

Simplicity- Clear Out the Email Box

Before I get a chance to do anything at the computer, I have this thing about having all of my emails read and my box up to date. However, sometimes that can be a bit time consuming when my email box reaches a whopping 52 emails and most of them are advertisers or other non-actual-people-related emails.

I did this two years ago and it is something I am doing again right now (you know, my whole Spring Cleaning thing)- I cleaned out the email box and unsubscribed to everything completely unnecessary to me. I also went through all of the email that I kept, deleted ones that I no longer need, made folders for ones that I want to keep, and brought my emails down to a bare minimum. It is something that I find myself having to do yearly.

In fact by making folders for things like specific peoples names, recipes, pictures, and other folders that are related to the types of emails that I get, I was able to bring my email box from 149 down to 9. For the next two weeks the process will be a little tedious as I will be opening alot of the emails I get just to unsubscribe, but once that is done, my email box will pretty much only get emails that I want. To me, it is well worth the effort to see my email box containing emails from only those I (actually) know and love.


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