Friday, April 30, 2010

Simplicity- Eliminating the Visual Clutter

One thing I have been working on during this year's spring cleaning is eliminating the visual clutter. For me, having too much in the way of accessories keeps me from feeling relaxed, and I always feel like I need to clean up.

Last week, one of the areas I tackled was our entertainment center. Although the accessories were all color coordinated, it just had the feeling of unbalanced busyness to me. I took everything off of the shelves, removed anything that I did love or need, took items from other places in the house, and put everything where I thought there would be a better balance. I love the result!
The photos on the wall above the buffet are the wedding pictures of (from left to right) my parents, Brian and me, and my parents-in-law.
Yesterday, I decided to attack Addie's room. I began in one corner and worked my way around. At one point the center of her room was so piled up with stuff, I had to stop and take a step back. After a quick, "Lord-help-me-finish-this-project-I-had-no-business-starting-in-the-first-place-since-I-am-trying-to-potty-train-right-now" prayer, I was able to go into it with a clearer perspective on which toys needed to be moved into the attic for a future baby #2 and which should stay, where everything should be placed, and which books needed to go and which should stay. Her room now has an open and airy feeling that it did not have before and toy clean up is quick and easy.
Also, by limiting what Addie has access to, she will get the most out of the toys she has. Sometimes when your options are endless, you don't know where to start. Because the overwhelming options have now been limited, I have already noticed that she really enjoyed her playtime and really played with her toys instead of just taking them out.

I have been going through each room this way. Some rooms take a day (like Addie's) and some take several (like our main living area). One space that I am putting off that I really need to do is our glass/coffee mug cabinet. We certainly do not need to have 40 coffee mugs. Some I love (like this one- thanks, Victoria!) and some just take up space. Removing the extras will help create space and will keep things neater.
Eliminating visual clutter helps to make a space feel cleaner, gives your eyes a place to rest, and at least for me, gives a feeling of peace.


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