Monday, April 19, 2010

Some Fun Moments

Today's post is just a fun, light-hearted look at our past week. It has been a good week. It has been a blessed week. It has been a tiring week. It has been a wonderful week.

Addie loves playing in her room. If she can get you in there, chances are you won't be leaving easily. She is very happy in her little place and she wants others to enjoy it as well. And Daddy is so good at giving her the time that her little heart desires.

This picture was actually taken earlier this month, but it is a scene that we see on a daily basis several times a day. It doesn't matter whose shoes are at the door, they will end up on her feet, and then we hear her clomping through the house- very slowly.

She is such a helper, even if I have to go back and "fix" what she has done. Let's see, we have aluminum foil and bagels on the bottom of the fridge, a can of spaghetti sauce on top of the strawberries, and we are stuffing the yogurt into a space that is too small for it. Yeah, she's a helper!

She loves Pa-PAH. She waits for him at her window. She calls his name throughout the day. When he comes over, she pulls on him, tells him all of her stories, sits on him while she drinks her milk, and says, "I love you!" out of the clear blue.

Coloring is something we do everyday. It is actually very theraputic! One of the perks of having a child- being able to color and it being considered normal.

The high chair has been retired (thanks for the encouragement, Kristi!). Not only has our particular high chair been recalled by Graco, but she does a better job of eating when she sits with us at the table. Moving the high chair out of the way has also opened up some space in the dining room.

Tea parties are really big right now. Everyone who has come through our door has been served tea and plastic desserts. The other day, while I was cleaning out the kitchen, she set up a little tea for us in the middle of the kitchen floor. There will always be counters to clean, dishes to wash, and floors to mop, but there are not always going to be tea sets set up on the kitchen floor, so cleaning came to a halt and we had a tea party.

We went to the library on Friday for a little class about books that we sing. When we sang "Twinkle, Twinkle", Addie was given a little star to hold up. When it was time to give the star back to the teacher, she walked up and gave it back with a smile. She was in awe of all of the props, and "oooohed and aaaaaahed" throughout the program. She was given clackers to hit during the song "I've Been Working on the Railroad". I have already looked up dates for other programs at the library. I am so excited for her and us.

When Uncle Jim came to pick up Aunt Faye, he had hardly gotten through the door before Addie grabbed him by the hand and pulled him into her room for a tea party. Uncle Jim is a great sport.


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