Monday, May 24, 2010

The Engagement Party

Weddings are such a beautiful way to join two completely unrelated families together. Rather than have the two families meet at the rehearsal and wedding, Jim's family hosted an engagement party for the couple so the families could meet early.

Dad and Jim catching up.

Pops- my dad-in-law.

My mom-in-law keeping an eye on Addie.
It was wonderful seeing Ernest and Nancy again (I just love them!) and meeting Jim's sister Kathy (I felt like I had known her forever!). At our last visit with Ernest and Nancy, I was just in awe of their landscaping. Ernest brought me two plants that I had fallen in love with. I will try to make you proud, Ernest!

Our dear Ernest/
I think Addie stole a few hearts. She had been able to sleep for about 45 minutes in the car, so she was in a great mood when we arrived. And Ernest and Nancy finally got to meet their Addie Girl.

Having a conversation with Kathy using a napkin and Elmo as phones.

Getting a kiss from Mr. Ernest.
Jim's step-brothers held and hosted the event, and everyone made us all feel very welcomed. Their home and property were absolutely breathtaking.

Jim and Faye were able to practice a few important moments in preparation for the big day such as
smiling continuously

cake cutting

feeding each other

taking pictures with each other

and with family

and with guests

opening gifts

It was a wonderful afternoon spent with wonderful people. In a few weeks, we will get to see Ernest and Nancy again for the shower (I am shopping today with my cousin Lisa for it) and the wedding will not be far behind. Such exciting times ahead!


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