Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

Mom, thanks for teaching me by example of the kind of mother that I need to be. You never wanted it to be about you; you always wanted it to be about us. Thank you for staying home with us and making the sacrifices you did instead of going to work.

Thank you that we were more important to you than stuff was. You didn't put a price tag on your love; you always gave it freely. One moment that really stuck out was after Christmas, you asked if you could return some of the clothing you received because they were too big. When you got the money back from the gifts you said you were going to use the money to buy your granddaughter some items you thought she needed.

If we ever needed help, you never treated it like a barter system. You treated our feelings as being valuable.

You were always on the other end of the phone when we called. You always wanted the best for us and were so happy when we succeeded.

Your grammar may not have been perfect, but your love for us was. The words you used were always covered in love, never criticism. Thanks for being the mother that you were. I miss you...


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