Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

Father's Day was wonderful in every way.

We began the morning by giving Brian a gift from Addie and me.  I had Addie carry the gift bag to him, but as she handed Brian the bag, she announced, "Shirt!"  Oh, my!! Things were a bit easier to keep a secret before she could talk!  We did have a good laugh about that, though.

During church, Addie sat with Brian for the whole service and never made a sound.  When the service was over, she loudly said, "Now I talk! Now I talk!" Her former Sunday school teacher was sitting behind us and just laughed out loud.  We were so proud and Brian told her it was the best Father's Day gift she could have given him (hey, what about the shirt!). 

Can you tell that she is trying to get away from him?  He was following her around just wanting to hug her.  It was really very cute!

Fantasy baseball never takes a break!  Brian should have had a sports career.  He is the most knowledgable person I know concerning anything sports related.  He comes up with plays and team decisions before the coaches and GMs do. 

This was another one of my dresses from my childhood.  Grandma Adelaida (Addie's namesake) made it for me.
For both of them being only children at this point, they did a really good job at sharing toys with each other.

Can you tell she is happy about finding an Elmo toy at CJ's house?

After the service we went to Brian's brother's home for another family cookout.  It was such a nice time with family, in-laws, nieces, nephews, and family by marriage. 

It was raining outside...but they were going to get wet in the pool anyway!

Daddy stayed in the pool with her.  I love them so much.
Aren't they just so cute!
It was raining at one point, but since there was no thunder and lightning, the brothers took the babies into the pool.  Brian is such a good dad to Addie and stayed in the water longer than he wanted to because his little girl was having such a good time.  When they came out, she simply asked, "More the pool?"  Haha, you can't blame a child for asking.

By the time we arrived home, Dad was here waiting for us.  Addie gave him our gift for him (thankfully she didn't know what it was or she would have told him) and then we sat around and talked and watched an episode of Little House.

Brian, I love you! Thank you for being the wonderful man that you are, for working hard to provide for our family, for being an involved father, and a loving husband.  You are the best! I love you dearly and think the world of you.  You are my prince, my knight in shining armor, my best friend, my soul mate, and the love of my life.  I am honored to be your wife and the mother of your child.
It was an exhausting weekend, but a good weekend.  Now to get back into our weekly routine. Next weekend will be upon us soon, but it should be an easy one.  Have a terrific Tuesday!


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