Monday, June 21, 2010

Faye's Bridal Shower

Faye's shower was a huge success! It was a gathering of family and friends all coming together to celebrate the upcoming marriage of Jim and Faye and all doing their part to help the couple establish their home.  Unfortunately, because of some car trouble, Jim was not able to make it out to see what they received.  We are just thankful that he is safe and that his car trouble happened Saturday and not the day of the wedding.
These were our shower favors.  I got this idea from Kristi from Team Mac.  For her son's birthday, she gave out framed pictures to her guests.  So I asked if I could borrow her idea for Faye's shower.  Hopefully, when people see the picures, it will remind them to pray for Faye and Jim.

Their cake.  We had about half of it left which was fine because after the shower, the party moved over to our house so that our family could see Addie since she stayed home with Brian and Ernest.

The shower was definitely a group effort.  Many of the ladies who attended the shower also brought food for the luncheon aspect.  It was all delicious and no one left hungry.

The bride-to-be.
Kenberly and Faye.  My dear friend, Cathy, took all of the pictures for me.  Thank you so much, Cathy, for capturing these moments for us.
Faye and Nancy... a beautiful mother/daughter team.

The gifts...
Can't you hear these pictures!

Lisa, my cousin, was such a blessing throughout the shower.  From going shopping with me, to planning the games, to taking charge of cleanup, she did so much to keep me at ease so that I could focus on our guests and the bride-to-be's needs.

Because the sodas had been in my trunk and had rolled around a bit, I wanted to open them in the sink to make sure that there were no explosions out where the food was.

It was so nice being surrounded by the friends and family who came.

A few of the family men stayed in the foyer and had a good time with each other.

Many of Faye's coworkers came to celebrate with her. You could see the love and respect they have for her.

It was so nice to see some of our friends from our previous church come to celebrate with us.

Just talking and eating.

Titi Elsie gave a devotional on marriage. Titi Elsie was another huge helper and supporter throughout the preparation for the shower.  She broke down all of the things that were going to be needed for the shower, called all of the women to delegate the food assignments, and was the first one at the church to help with the set up.

Mingling among the guests...

Plan 1: a sash with "Bride-to-be" on it. It kept falling.

Plan 2: A subtle pin that says "Bride-to-be".  Plan 2 won!

Faye received so many wonderful gifts. Can't wait to be invited over for dinner!

The ladies from Faye's school put all of her bows together to make a corsage for her to use as her bouquet during her rehearsal.

Our cousin Linda also played an important part.  In addition to doing all of the little things that Lisa remembered, she also wrote down the list of who gave what to make writing thank you notes easier.

Posing with her bouquet...

I love you, Faye...

The younger cousins in our family.

Saying goodbye to the guests.

Some people drove quite a ways to be with us.  Thanks, Victoria!

Sharing some final laughs together.

We had a wonderful time on Saturday.  Today, Lisa, Faye, Addie, and I will be taking Faye's gifts to her and Jim's new apartment.  We are excited for them and for the future God has in store for them.
Edit: Addie woke up a bit under the weather, so she and I had to stay home rather than going to help out at Faye's house.


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