Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Day with Aunt Faye

On Friday, I finally got to see Faye and Jim's home.  It is beautiful!  They will be living in a great community with wonderful amenities.  I am so excited for them!  Uncle Jim has a cat, who Addie was thrilled to meet.  I'm not so sure Frankie was as excited as she was.  Addie squealed about the cat, ran over to see him, attempted to pet him, and was disappointed that she had to take the tour of the home with me.  The entire time, she asked about the cat. Frankie had taken this opportunity to hide under the couch so a certain short little person couldn't see him.   From that point, all Addie asked was "Where's the cat? Where he go?" The only way we could explain to her why the cat was hiding was that he was sad because she had scared him.  During our stay, he poked his head out from under the couch once, but when he heard that familiar little voice squeal "There's the cat!" he disappeared again.  Uncle Jim, your cat is a big hit with our little person. 

 One of the fun things Jim and Faye's community offers is access to the pool and grounds of the sister community down the road.  Faye took us there so that Addie would have a chance to play in the amazing children's wading pool.  I had a nice picture in my mind of what it would be like from how Faye had described it.  It was far better than I had thought. 

The pool deepens towards the center to about Addie's waist.  She absolutely loved it!  The colorful pipes shoot out water so you are guaranteed to get wet.  We played for quite some time in the water. A little girl with a beach ball came over and played with Addie for a while.  It is so sweet how children who are complete strangers can play with each other at the drop of a hat...boy, can we learn a few things from them. Faye took these great pictures for us.  She was always such a great photographer for our family.  Thanks, Faye.

Mommy decided that it was time for a  light lunch.  Aunt Faye and Mommy had a Power Bar and Addie had grapes and strawberries.  It didn't take her long to finish so she could go back into the water.

Back in the water.  This time she was a little braver and wanted to go to the center to play with the water coming out of the pipes.  I love the joy on her face.

Of course, while having fun, we also needed to make sure that the main schedule was loosely kept to, so I asked Faye what time it was.  12:15 p.m. Time to end our fun at Uncle Jim and Aunt Faye's place.

Drying up.  I think these are my favorites from the day!

You know how much fun a child had by looking at their toes.  Her toes show that Addie had a blast.

When we went home, all Addie talked about was Uncle Jim's cat, how the cat was sad, the girl who played with her with a ball, the pool, the water, and the swing Aunt Faye took her to while I changed. We had such a great time with Faye.


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