Friday, July 23, 2010

Our Weekend Away

After the wedding, GrandTiti, Uncle Jack, and Belinda came back to the house with us. The following morning, they began making their way back to southern Florida and we made our way to Orlando to spend some time with Uncle Luis, Aunt Maria, Rebekah, and Jessica at their timeshare.. We had such a great time with them, and it was obvious that Addie had a great time with Uncle Luis.

Last year Addie met Uncle Luis for the first time on our trip to Ft. Lauderdale and an instant connection was formed between them. Addie would toddle around the GrandTiti's house looking for Uncle Luis.

This year, we had the same situation except the surroundings were different. Addie ate dinner, breakfast, and lunch because Uncle Luis wanted her to. She would sit and read with Uncle Luis. She would tease Uncle Luis. But most importantly, she would go to the pool with Uncle Luis. My own daughter didn't care if I stayed or went with them! As long as she had Uncle Luis' hand, she was a happy camper.

On Sunday evening, Brian stayed back at the room with Uncle Luis since his (Brian's) back had gone out (he has had a rough week this week physically) while Aunt Maria and I went to play mini-golf with the girls. Addie was my caddie and held my club between holes.

We had a great time, and I got to spend some quality time with my two cousins.
Addie was so exhausted from only getting a 15 minute nap on Saturday and a 1 hour nap on Sunday that she slept in Monday morning until 9:00 am which meant that Brian and I got to sleep in, too. By 10 am we had all eaten a delicious breakfast made by Uncle Luis (and had our coffee!) and were ready to go to the pool. Because we had spent some time on Sunday in the pool, Addie went to Uncle Luis, took has hand, and asked, "Pool?" Yeah, she knew who to go to!
Uncle Luis is so wonderful and protective of his grand niece that I had no reason to worry. I knew she was in excellent hands. There was such a love that you could see coming from Uncle Luis towards Addie.

I love this photo. I have to find a way to do something with it.

Uncle Luis, Aunt Maria, Rebekah, and Jessica, thank you for your hospitality and for sharing a part of your vacation with us. We enjoyed ourselves, and we both want Addie to grow up knowing you, not just in pictures but for herself.


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