Monday, July 26, 2010

A Wrap Up of Last Weekend

These are the pictures I was able to download off of my camera.  One of my aunt's had taken a few pictures during the wedding for me, so I was excited to see these.  These are two of the ones from the wedding that show something that hasn't been seen in any of the other pictures I have posted, and the rest are from our weekend with my uncle and aunt. 
I saw on Ali Edward's blog how she looked at pictures of a recent family trip and began each thought with the phrase I WANT TO REMEMBER, so I decided to try that with these photos.  Usually my comments are below the picture they relate to, but today, I am going to put my thoughts above the picture.

I WANT TO REMEMBER how reverent Brian was as he walked Mom's flower to what would have been her seat.  He was filled with a lot of emotion as he did and chose not to look at anyone.  Mom's picture was being displayed at the time, so he definitely made sure he didn't look up.
I WANT TO REMEMBER how excited Addie was to spend the day with her cousins and what a good girl she was despite not having a nap.

I WANT TO REMEMBER how much Addie loves Uncle Luis and how much he loves her.

I WANT TO REMEMBER how much Addie loves water and being in the p-o-o-l (we have to spell the word out around here otherwise she will continue asking to play in her pool).

I WANT TO REMEMBER how inseparable these two were during our entire visit.

I WANT TO REMEMBER how important family is and that the death of one member does not mean the ties sever.

I WANT TO REMEMBER how in love with you I am and how much fun we have together sharing an adventure or just doing nothing.

I WANT TO REMEMBER how the simplest of things makes you happy.

I WANT TO REMEMBER how much you love to interact with the books that are being read to you.

I WANT TO REMEMBER what a beautiful tan you get when you are out in the sun and how light your hair gets.

I WANT TO REMEMBER how thankful I am to have such a hard working husband who selflessly gives of himself and his time for his family.

I WANT TO REMEMBER to always make time for you to spend with family so you never forget where you come from.


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