Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some Wedding Pictures

I will be posting wedding pictures periodically as I get them.  Because Brian and I were both in the bridal party, neither of us were able to take pictures.  Thankfully, there were plenty of cameras around, so as I receive pictures from family and friends, I will be posting them.  I think it is neat to have pictures from so many different cameras because you get pictures from different perspectives and angles. Any of you that were at the wedding and have pictures, I would love to see them (have them :) and post them.  Email them to me if possible. 

I hope you enjoy this first installment, and when the professional pictures come in, I'll post as many of them as I am able to.  These pictures were taken by my friend Kathy M. and my Uncle Luis (my mom's brother) and his wife.
 At the rehearsal dinner after the rehearsal.  Addie did such a great job walking down the aisle and sitting with Titi Elsie (Lala) during the rehearsal.  (photo by Kathy M)

 Chuck and Kathy, Faye and Jim.  Kathy, Kristi from Team Mac, Faye and I were all friends back in New Jersey during the 90's.  It has been wonderful finding each other through FaceBook and on blogs.  Kathy and her husband were able to come down for the wedding.  Because they are blog readers, they recognized my parents-in-law at the rehearsal dinner (which Nancy and Ernest extended not only to the bridal party but family and friends who came in from out of town) and sat with them. Brian, Addie and I also got to sit with Chuck and Kathy when we arrived.

Isn't she the most gorgeous bride ever!  I will always be thankful for the morning that I was able to share with my sister. 

 My father looked so proud as he walked Faye down the aisle.  Faye and I were both touched when he answered the "Who gives this woman?" question with "Her mother and I," during the rehearsal and then the wedding.

 Oh, Jim, (my wonderful brother-in-law!) I loved how excited you were during the rehearsal and then the wedding when you saw Faye coming down the aisle to you.  You are everything that she needed and deserved in a husband.  And I love you for loving her.

 When they were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. A- streamers were shot out over the congregation.  It was a great way to kick off a beautiful marriage.  And this was the first time that they kissed!  Woohoo!

 At the reception in the Grand Hyatt.  Addie had been asked to smile and show her teeth.  What did she do?  She covered her mouth!  Jim and Faye, thank you for asking the three of us to be a part of your special day- me as the Matron of Honor, Brian as a Groomsman, and Addie as the miniature Flower Girl.

 Belinda, my beautiful cousin, you are such a blessing.  You did so much for both Faye and me during this last week while you were here.  We miss you so much. And we anticipate the day that God blesses you beyond your wildest dreams.

 Our Uncle Luis.  My mother has such wonderful siblings.  I am so thankful that Addie has gotten to spend time with them.  She has absolutely taken to GrandTiti and my uncles.  On Sunday we went to Orlando where Uncle Luis and his family were vacationing and we got to spend some time with them.

Uncle Luis, GrandTiti, and Uncle Sammy.  These are three of my mother's siblings.  There is one more uncle (Eddie) but he was unable to attend.  We missed him a lot. 
Uncle Luis and family. 

Aren't they just the cutest couple!  Brian, Belinda, and I did quite a bit of glass clinking to help them catch up on kisses.  Even Addie got into the action and started clincking her dish without any prompting.

This is my Uncle Sammy.  He had never seen Addie in person, so he was excited to meet her.  She took to him immediately and hugged and kissed him.  He, of course, loved it.  This is the same brother that Mom mentioned in this post.
Oh, my handsome man!  I am more in love with you today than I was the day we were married.  You have such a wonderful personality and know how to make anyone and everyone feel right at home.  I love you to infinity and beyond (can you tell we have been watching Toy Story lately?)!
 Kathy M. and Faye.  Good friends are a real treasure.

 Kathy M. and me. I love you, Kathy! Thanks for the pictures!

 The three of us.
 Brian said that he needed a picture with his sister.  He has always looked at her as his little sister and was just as proud of her as a true big brother would have been.  He loves her so much and he also thinks the world of Jim.

 The bubble send-off.  What a perfect picture, Kathy!

Who did that to your car? Oh yeah, that was Brian and me.  But Pops, Cousins Ernie and Kevin were there too giving us pointers and tips on what to do.  They are just as guilty!

Faye and Jim, words cannot describe just how happy I am for you both.  May God richly bless you both as you embark on this new chapter in your lives.


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