Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to Encourage the Man in Your Life- Chapter Seven: The Women Speak Out

This chapter was not a "main point and explanation" type chapter.  Instead, for this chapter the author gave a survey to a hundred(s) women (not sure his exact count) asking how they were encouraging their husbands.  Many of the responses were very similar to the points that we have already discussed in the first six chapters. 

So for today's post, I thought we would do the same thing.  In the comments section, tell us something (kosher- last week's post was a bit out of character for this blog, I do not want to stay on that topic) that you are doing or plan to do to encourage the man in your life. And if you don't mind, some of us may use your ideas and tweek them for our husbands.  It is all about encouraging other to good works.

Here are a few things that I have done over the last few weeks:
  • Really listening to him talk about and participating in anything sports related. Between his favorite baseball team (Tampa Bay Rays) and the beginning of  football/fantasy football season, he has so much to say.  I have really been putting out an effort to listen, wanting to understand, the ins and outs of this interest of his.  Lord willing, I will be helping him host the Fantasy football draft at our house (Grandma has already been called on to baby-sit so he can have all of my attention).
  • Sent him text and FaceBook messages reminding him how much he is loved.
  • Cards in the lunch box.
So what are some things that you are doing or have done to encourage the man in your life? Let us know his relationship to you when you post (father, brother, husband, boyfriend).  I can't wait to hear!


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