Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Life Lessons from Biblical Parents: Dear Noah

Dear No-day (Noah),

If you only knew how much my little girl loves you, your ark, and the animals you traveled with.  If you could only hear her try to recount your story as she looks through her books and picture Bible.  I think when we get to heaven, after seeing Jesus and then Mama and Cute Mwa-Mwa, you might be next on our list of people to find.  I'm sure my little animal lover has lots of questions for you. 

One thing I know she will tell you is "Obey God!"  You are such an example of someone who obeyed God (especially since after all of the geneology you are the next account after Adam and Eve who did not obey and now look at the mess that we are in!  Sorry, I got a little off track.).  Obey is a word that is used a lot around here.  I know Addie has the concept down (she knows that to obey means you do what you are being told), but I think she has it a bit confused with us doing what she wants.  We have had to explain to her (many times) that God says she has to obey Mommy and Daddy.  God never says that Mommy and Daddy have to obey her.  However, her "obey God" phrase is a constant reminder to me that my obedience to God can bless not only me but my family as well.

You have also taught me that God can speak to my daughter too.  All these years I thought you were the only one who spoke to God and that your sons just went along with you.  But then I really read the account, and Genesis 9:8 said, "Then God spoke to Noah and to his sons with him."  You were the forerunner in laying a pth for your sons to follow and the path your laid led them straight into a personal conversation with God Himself.  What a chalenge to me as a mother, that I have to be a forerunner for my daughter so that she can one day follow the path that I have laid.  What an honor and a great responsibility!

Maybe when we get to heaven I might follow Addie to where you are so I can ask you for myself, were there people laughing at you as you built the ark?  I'm just curious because that has been bugging me for a while now.  I am also curious, what did you think when you saw the first raindrop?  I know you were in the ark at that point, but was it a bit scary to think that you were seeing something brand new?

Your wife is just briefly mentioned as being on the ark with you, but what kind of woman was she?  She must have been a great support and encouragement to you.  Whether those people were around mocking or not, I'm sure when you came home at the end of a rough day of building, she must have been there with a kind word, gentle smile, listening ear, and sweet shoulder for you to lean on.  What did she say when you first showed her the final ark?  Did she comment on the wonderful craftsmanship?  Did she love the spaciousness?  Did she pat you on the back as she walked through the ark?  What was her name?  Most people nowadays just call her Mrs. Noah.    

Mrs. Noah must have been a wonderful mother as well.  Your three sons all grew to please the Lord.  She must have greatly admired you so that your sons looked up to you and didn't think it strange that you were building an ark in the desert.  What a blessing to her that when all was said and done, she still had her family around her.  She is definitely a woman to be admired.

Well. dear No-day, I just want to thank you for being such a wonderful example of obedience to my daughter and me.  We are both learning the same lesson in two very different ways. 

With Much Love and Thanks,


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