Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Wedding Pictures: Mark and Lisa's Perspective

Lisa was the details manager for the wedding.  Mark is Lisa's husband.  Because of their "jobs" at the wedding, they had unique perspectives and were able to take many shots that the photographers took.  Out of the MANY pictures we were given these were some of my favorites.  Some just didn't upload correctly, so I wasn't able to use them.  Enjoy!

 The groom-to-be with Mark and Lisa's twins (the flower girls) at the rehearsal.

Jim and his best man- his dad.

Addie and her cousins/friends.  My 2 1/2 year old can tell these two apart!

We had just arrived in the limo. Faye was getting a quick photo with her mom-in-law to be.

The groomsmen.

Faye had two of our younger cousins hand out the programs and guide people to the sign in.

Brian...getting ready to walk Mom down the aisle.  Do you remember walking her down the aisle at Ryan's wedding just before we began dating?  You two laughed the whole way down.

The bridal party enters.  Isn't he soooo handsome!

Does our father look proud or what!

The ceremony begins.

Married!  Oh, Jim, I love how you are looking at her!

Is Addie in a rush?  She begin saying and waving "Bye!" as we walked out.

Taking a quick sit down after standing for about 40 minutes.

I love this picture! It may be a bit blurry but I love how perfectly it captures us.

The photo shoots begin.

The children weren't needed for all of the photos, so they spent some time sitting on the steps.  Can you tell Addie is getting a little tired?

The bubble send off as they head off to the main reception. (The second photo down is one of my favorites.  Yes, Jim! Success!)

At the reception hall waiting to be called out for the bridal party photos. The little cousins.

Can you tell that Addie has had it with pictures!

The first generation of cousins. Faye and I are part of this group, and so is our cousin John who passed away last Christmastime.

Ernie.  My cousin.  A sports reporter in NY.  He is 8 years younger than me.  He wasn't supposed to grow up, yet here he is.  My how time flies.

Gathering the bridal party for the photo shoot.

Their first dance.

Ernest giving the toast before the cutting of the cake.

Some happening tables!

The little girls in the family love Ernie.  And he is such a good sport.

The second bubble send off.
The professional pictures have come in!  Now to go through them... there are literally 1,000!


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