Friday, August 13, 2010


Today brings a few simple digital scrapbook pages, a simple recipe, and a simple child's craft idea.

The following simple scrapbook pages were done using a couple of the professional shots from the wedding.  I love the one of Brian because the photographer truly captured Brian's emotion as he walked Mom's flower to her seat.  I used a purchased overlay by Ali Edwards and a free digital paper, brush, and embellishment for the page. 

Journaling: As part of the ceremony, the mother of the bride is to be walked in.  Because Mom is no longer with us, Faye asked Brian to walk in a flower that would represent Mom while her picture was being displayed.  It was an emotional moment in the ceremony, but Brian handled it beautifully.  Mom wouldn't have wanted anyone else to walk her down.

This picture of Addie is one of my many favorites.  She is such a free little girl.  She knows who she is and is sincere in her actions and behavior.  For this page I used all free items downloaded from the Internet.  The template, photo overlay, papers, and the word strips were all free finds. 

Journaling: Aunt Faye asked if you could be the mini flower girl in her wedding.  At two and a half years old, you did a wonderful job of walking down the aisle (much better than I did back when I was five. I never made it down the aisle!).  During the ceremony you sat so quietly with Lala (Titi Elsie).  As we walked out, you began waving and saying "Bye!" to the guests sitting near the aisle.  We received so many compliments on what a good girl you were the whole day.  You made Daddy and me so proud... just like you always do.

Do you remember this picture from Wednesday?  Even though it is blurry, I used it anyway.  I couldn't resist.

Journaling: Love grows over time. Love takes work.  Love is a one way street that we both travel together.  Love develops through experiences, trial and error, and grand successes.  Love looks past the flaws to the real person underneath. Love enjoys the other's presence.  Love sends you off to work with a prayer and welcomes you home with a kiss.  Love cooks your favorites for dinner.  Love only shares your positive points and not your flaws with others.  Love looks at your potential.  Love appreciates you where you are for who you are.  Brian, I love you.

This is only the first of many pages I will be doing featuring the bride and/or groom.  I just loved this one and had the picture in my mind how I wanted to use it. 

For our simple recipe, you will need a box of d*vil's food cake mix, 3 eggs, and a can of cherry pie filling.  Pour them all into a large microwaveable bowl.  Mix using a wooden or silicon spoon.  Cover with plastic wrap.  Microwave on high for 15 minutes.  Let is cool for 15 minutes.  Invert onto a serving dish.  If you choose, cover with frosting or icing of your choice.  (Recipe is from the Bless This Home cookbook.)

For the simple craft, I took the small brown paper bag that I was given at the grocery store for our glass jars of pasta sauce and used it as the base for our project.  I cut out the little pieces for the eyes, ears, and mouth and the yarn for the hair during Addie's nap so it would be ready for her to do at a later time.  We used a glue stick for attaching the pieces.  I gave her general directions for the placement of the pieces, but she applied the glue and stuck her pieces in place.

We will begin school here at our house on Monday, Lord willing, so Monday's post will give you some ideas and resources for working with your children at home.  Have a great weekend!


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