Wednesday, August 25, 2010


 My office and scrap closet have finally been cleaned out... emptied out.  It is amazing how much more creative one feels when you have room, space, and air to breathe in!  Our scrapbook day happened right after the office purge (this past Saturday) and left me feeling so good (I finished 5 layouts that day), so I am still riding the creative wave.

This is the first page that I made since the creative day I shared with my dear friends.  I had so many pictures that I wanted to scrapbook, but it is always a little overwhelming deciding where to start.

I chose this photo (first posted here) to work with first.  It shows Addie just being Addie- a sweetly silly girl who has an enormous amount of confidence.  When I put this page together, we were trying to get Addie down for a nap on Sunday afternoon.  She was over tired, and because she knew that Brian and I were hanging out in the office (we've been sleeping on the sofa bed on the weekends), we decided to bring her into the office with us.  As she was "trying" to fall asleep, her playful side came out.  Her feet found their way onto Brian's stomach, back, chest, and ribs.  At one point, she lay there singing to herself and then the "music" quieted and our baby was asleep.  Addie being Addie became the basis for the journaling on this page (journaling was written out the following day).

Journaling: Yesterday, while we were trying to get you down for a nap, you laid on the sofa bed with Daddy and just sang your little heart out.  You were singing a lot of the "Hallelu!" song (your version sounds more like "Hah-day-doo!") and another song that we still don't recognize.  Daddy and I exchanged looks with each other and smiled.  Why? Because you were just being you.  You can be sweetly silly.  You have a way with people.  You have a beautiful personality.  You get so much joy from saying "Hi" to people when we go shopping.  You say "Obey God" randomly as we are walking down the aisles at the store.  You are very sensitive.  If you think your behavior has made me sad, you pat my leg and say, "It's okay, Mama."  You are incredibly intelligent.  You are reading words- big words.  You know your numbers one through thirteen- I taught you 1-10... I'm still trying to figure out where you learned eleven, twelve, and thirteen. You love bananas, blueberries, strawberries, and cheese.  You are a tease and have an amazing sense of humor for a two and a half year old.  You are beautiful and look lovely whether you are having a bad hair day or if your hair is behaving nicely.  You are a joy.


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