Friday, September 24, 2010

Simplicity.... or Not

Okay.  I finally did it.  I took every single scrapbook page I have ever made out of my scrapbooks (not including pages that are part of their own mini-albums) and am in the process of ordering them chronologically.  Ahhhhhhh!!!!! What was I thinking!!!!

I have never scrapbooked chronologically.  I have always worked with the pictures that inspire me, give me a creative idea, or that I am excited about.  However, when you look at my scrapbooks you may find a page of our 2009 Fourth of July celebration and then the next layout is of Addie's birth (a year and a half before).  Very confusing I'm sure. 

However, for those of you who scrapbook, I would never recommend that you change your method of recording your memories. Some of you are really good at keeping up with your scrapping chronologically (you are my heros! Cathy, my dear friend, that would be you!), and some (like me) are so far behind catching up is a distant dream.  So what is the solution?

Well, that is why I took apart all of my scrapbooks and am now reconstructing them.  By putting my pages in order, it will give me a better understanding of which pages/events are missing and which ones I would like to fit in.  Because my pages are a mixture of sizes (12x12, 8.5x11, 6x12, 8x8, etc.) it also gives me an idea of the size that I need to make those missing pages into so that I have a cohesive flow to my scrapbooks. 

I have mentioned in previous simplicity posts that sometimes you need to make a really big mess, take things apart, and then put them back together again in order for you to simplify a situation. Hopefully, that will happen with my scrapbooks.  Hopefully.

I am off to simplify....


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