Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Weekend in Photos

 This has been a wonderful weekend. A weekend of family. A weekend of memories.  A weekend of winning football teams.  A weekend to look back on.

Friday morning, we went to the library for our class.  My little person thinks the library is to "sing songs".  After our class we usually go to the tables and look at books, pick out a few good ones (she likes the noisy ones the best), and pick out a "moodie".

In the evening, when Daddy came home, we went outside to play in the yard for a bit and to give Addie a chance to "run, no walk".  Daddy took the pictures tonight so Mommy could be in them for a change.

After dinner we had bathtime and then Family Night.  Daddy read a Bible story to us, we played a round of Tigger and Pooh Bingo (she is really getting good at it), and then watched a Madeline movie we borrowed from the library.  Then it was off to bed because we had a big day coming up.

Saturday morning was an early one. Grandma and Grandpa came to our house, and we all piled into our vehicle.  We met Aunt Faye and Uncle Jim for breakfast at Cracker Barrel (Addie kept saying "I rocking!" as she giggled on her rocker) and then headed out to MacIntosh. Every year in October the town of MacIntosh shuts down and craft booths go up.  It is a highlight of autum for us (women).  The men come because they are good husbands.

This dog was 8 months old!

One of our stops was a little country church where they gave the plan of salvation through face painting and then a story in the sanctuary.  Addie loved the flower she chose for her face and couldn't wait to show Daddy and Grandpa who were waiting outside.

Despite not having a nap, Addie was the best little girl in the world!  She had an early evening (in bed at 7:15 and not a peep from her until 7:30 a.m.) and was ready for Sunday school the next morning.

Sunday morning, we enjoyed a wonderful service at church, and then went to Mom and Pop's home to watch the game (Bucs won!). 

It was a wonderful weekend as a family. 


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