Thursday, October 28, 2010

Book Club Thursday: Mama Made the Difference- Substitute Teacher

This week's chapter was about another substitute teacher- Coretta Scott King.  She was someone else's mother, but the influence she had on Rev. Jakes continues to make itself evident.  I felt that in relation to this chapter, I should honor one of the substitute teachers in my life.  There are a few women who have stepped in to help fill the void after Mom passed, so with each of the Substitute Teacher chapters that are coming up I will honor one of them and introduce you to some of the women who are continuing to leave their marks on their families and in my life.

Today we will look at my aunt Ruth.  You all have met her several times as Titi Ruthie (I don't think she cares for the name Ruthie, but she lets me call her that) or GrandTiti (I think this is her favorite name) throughout this blog.  She has been one of my faithful readers (she especially loves the posts with pictures of Addie). 

Titi Ruthie is my mom's younger sister but because she was taller than Mom, she always called my mom her little sister.  They had a very close relationship and spent as much time as possible talking and catching up.

Titi Ruthie and my cousin Belinda helped my mother put on my family baby shower from a couple of hundred miles away.  When Mom went into the hospital, Titi Ruthie and Uncle Jack were here to be with her, and when Mom passed away, they came right back and spent a few days with the family. 

Titi knew how to comfort us during our time of loss because she experienced her own time of loss years ago.  Her son, Luis, who was studying to be a youth pastor, suddenly passed away from heart related problems.  God gave Titi Ruthie a strength that could only come from Him, and she has continued to live in the comfort of that strength. 

Titi Ruthie has a powerful faith in God and what He can do. She is a firm believer in prayer and doesn't doubt what God is capable of doing. 

Titi Ruthie is always on the other end of the phone when I call just to chat.  We talk about everything and nothing at all.  We laugh (oh boy, do we laugh!), share prayer requests, exchange ideas, and open our hearts. 

Titi Ruthie's other name, GrandTiti, carries with it the feeling she has towards Addie.  She has become the grandmother to Addie that my mother would have been.  We are always getting little packages with goodies, and when we visit (or they visit us), Uncle Jack and GrandTiti always have so many things for their little Addie girl.

I also have to thank my cousin Belinda (another jewel in her own right) for sharing her mother with me.

Spend some time today thinking about some one who God has brought into your life as a substitute teacher and even drop them a note to let them know what a blessing they have been to you.


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