Friday, October 29, 2010

Simplicity: Autumn Clean Out- The Laundry Room

A nice deep clean during the autumn works out so perfectly for me.  I am able to get to those hard to reach things (right, Terry!) and really get the house in tip top shape for Christmas and all of the decorating that comes in tow with it.  Because the weather is so nice, it makes it easier to do some of the indoor/outdoor cleaning items, and opening the windows during the oven self-cleaning is a huge help.

Thru November, Lord willing, I will be giving you a room by room checklist (of my house) and how I tackle a deep clean over here.  Adjust the checklist for your particular needs.

Because many of us have small children, I am doing one room a week (maybe a couple of smaller rooms in one week).  This works out well so that everything can get tackled and put under control.  It also helps us to make some space for all those things we expect to receive around Christmas time.

Part of my list is a Dreams To Fulfill section.  Dreams are what keep us going and keep us from getting stagnant. 

For this week my focus was the laundry room and pantry.  Because part of my nonperishable food supply was in the garage "pantry" I had to bring it all into the kitchen.  Wow!  I don't know what I would have done without Addie's help!

As a side note, keep an empty box (or three or four) available for you to put things in that you would like to get rid of.  How about planning a garage sale with all of the items you decide to discard and give yourself a bit of a payday for all of your effort.

Here is the checklist for the laundry room.
  • Completely empty room (remove all decorations from the walls, everything off the shelves, etc.)
  • If possible, move appliances
  • Scrub floors (this is the time to get on the hands and knees.  All other times I use my feet and "skate" or use the Swiffer mop)
  • Clean baseboards
  • Disinfect door knobs
  • Scrub garbage can
  • Clean/dust appliances
  • Dust photos and pictures (yes, I have photos in the laundry room)
  • Put everything back (maybe rearrange some things)
  • Make Dreams to Fulfill list for the laundry room
  1. Put a row of cabinets above the washer and dryer
  2. Get a hide away ironing board
  3. Get a new hamper
Here is the checklist for the pantry.
  • Completely empty the pantry into kitchen (pantry consists of anywhere you keep food in storage)
  • Check all items for expiration date and toss what has expired (If anything has not expired but will before you know you will use it, why not consider donating it to your local church? Many churches make Thanksgiving food baskets for those who are hurting at this time of year and what you are not going to use will be used to make someone else's holiday a plentiful one.)
  • Scrub the floor and shelves
  • Put your food items back by group (baking items together, dry goods/non-perishables together, etc.)
  • Make a list or take note of items you need to replenish (I realized that I had more rice than I could ever know what to do with, and I was on my last jar of spaghetti sauce)
  • Make Dreams to Fulfill list for pantry
  1. Get a set of sleek storage canisters/containers
  2. Make tags for labeling where food items go
I hope you find this list to be helpful in giving your laundry room and pantry a good clean out.  Happy cleaning!


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