Friday, November 12, 2010

Simplicity: Autumn Clean Out- The Kitchen

This has been a very hectic week (Monday- beginning the week, school, and Brian's softball game in the evening, Tuesday- visit with Lisa, a debilitating migraine which means I did nothing from around 12:30 until 9:30, Wednesday- Brian stayed home with a pulled hamstring from Tuesday evening's softball game which meant no schedule, Thursday- spent the day with Faye since she was off), so today, this is what I will be doing... in addition to everything else I need to do.

Kitchen Checklist
  • Clear off all counters
  • Take apart stove burners and soak in bleach in the sink (I miss my flat top stove from our first home!)
  • Take all items off of fridge and dishwasher (you know, Addie's schoolwork and every alphabet magnet in every design and color)
  • Remove all decor from on top of cabinets.... very carefully.
  • Bleach counters and (in my case) cabinet doors- we have white, non-wood cabinets.
  • Use Brillo pads on stove burner things and replace (I'm not sure what you really call the silver dish that goes under the burner)
  • Clean cabinet tops
  • Clean decor items and replace and/or rearrange
  • Scrub out toaster oven
  • Clean/dust counter items and replace
  • Open up all cabinets and straighten up items inside (determine if anything can be retired from use)
  • Vacuum floor (we have a small blue vacuum that we use on our hard floors)
  • Mop floor
  • Empty out fridge
  • Scrub each shelf, dry and replace
  • Put food items back inside
  • Make Dreams to Fulfill List
  1. Make Wall Word Art for the kitchen
  2. Floor mat for in front of the sink.
Lots to do today!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Update: By the grace of God, it is 3:15 and I had school time with Addie, cleaned out the kitchen, the two bathrooms, and did all but two loads of laundry. Whew! Ready to kick back and relax for the weekend.


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